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NYC Guide | Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

Brooklyn, New York | Brooklyn Bridge

Sunrise is undoubtedly the best time to walk down the Brooklyn Bridge. Typically packed with throngs of tourists, locals, runners and bikers alike, this is perhaps the only time (with natural light, that is) to take a few snaps without 50 strangers in your shot and a biker shouting at you to get out of the f*cking bike lane.


We made the journey on an unseasonably warm winter morning. As luck would have it, it was about 50°F (10°C). That may not sound very cozy for those from warmer parts of the world, but when winds can make it feel like 10°F (-8°C) on any given day, that at least makes it a bearable walk.


To be quite frank the sunrise wasn’t at all what I’d expected - no massive, glowing golden-orange orb in the distance, no pink and orange and purple sky. But it was magical in a totally unexpected way - buildings all along the lower Manhattan skyline gently bathed in a warm gold unique to 7am in the morning. My conclusion? It was absolutely stunning and well worth the early morning (and I am not a morning person). I’m already planning a trip back for some more snowy sunrise shots!

Tips for Walking the Bridge at Sunrise:

  • Plan to arrive 15-30 min before the actual time of sunrise. When we went at the end of December sunrise was around 7:20 am - early, but definitely not impossibly so.

  • Right before heading out in the morning (as in when you wake up to the alarm, not the day or night before), check that it is going to be sunny at least half an hour before and after sunrise. Weather predictions can change very quickly and if it’s too cloudy there won’t be much of a sunrise to see. We were going to go on Friday morning because it was forecasted to be sunny all day up until Thursday night, but when I checked again at 6:30am on Friday it was going to be cloudy from 7-9am.

  • There will still be some people on the bridge. We arrived just around sunrise and 30 minutes later the number of people increased significantly, so the earlier you can go the better!