Part one of the exciting news...

...I've just moved to Berlin!

Housing situation still currently in the works. In the meantime I've secretly (or, not-so-secretly) been getting my act together exploring Berlin's vintage scene and I couldn't be happier. Flat-search anxiety has translated quickly into retail therapy, as demonstrated vis-a-vis my three new finds above.



Bag One Green Daisy Bag from

no socks no panties located on Stargarder Straße 10 

Bag Two Embossed Leather Bag + Bag Three Black Leather 90's One-of-a-Kind Telephone Bag from

Garments Vintage located on Stargarder Straße 12A


Both stores can be found in absolutely-lovely, cafe-filled, and very-walkable Prenzlauer Berg

Photos by me   |   Shot in Berlin