An old habit of tardiness has developed into an unfailingly quick stride. Apart from rare moments of bone-tired on-the-verge-of-collapse weariness, I find that ambling and strolling are no longer part of my ambulatory repertoire.

Though power-walking is not always a sure cure for perpetual lateness, we did make it in time today to get rush tickets for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, leaving the box office with a bit of sweat on our brows and triumphant smiles on our faces.

Like everyone else I find complaint in the constant business of city life but the truth is I love it all - the adrenaline, the getting-there-just-in-time satisfaction, the we-did-it! moments. 

The truth is I live for the rush.

P.S. There is also much happiness involved in a) a successful hunt for the perfect matching set (like this one I found on Nasty Gal) ; b) the seemingly normal but historically inconceivable concept of wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts ; c) finally not wearing heels (as much as I love them my feet have been aching for some love too) !



Top (Matching Set) Nasty Gal Daniella Eyelet Crop Top | Bottoms (Matching Set) Nasty Gal Wind Cries Mary Eyelet Midi Skirt Bag Prada Saffiano Mini Bag | Hair Pin Vintage (via Zhongshan Shopping District in Taipei) | Earrings Accessorize Earring Set (old) | Shoes Puma Match Lo Women's Sneakers (on sale!)

Photos by Emily Kao     |     Shot on 51st by Gershwin Theater