Easy Eats: Icebox Cake + Summer Pasta


As much as I enjoy eating out, one of my favorite ways to spend the evening is just in, cooking (and of course eating) with friends. An easy night with pasta, wine, and cake? Count me in!

Summer Pasta: bright and summery, perfect with a bit of rosé to finish off a warm summer night. Also great for clearing out leftover vegetables and really for cooking however you please!


  1. any kind of pasta
  2. whatever vegetables/meat you have in the fridge
  3. can of tomatoes
  4. salt + pepper
  5. basil (or other seasoning)


  1. boil water and put pasta in; strain after the pasta is cooked (feels soft)
  2. while this is happening cook the other ingredients in a separate pan, starting with onions/garlic and the ingredients that take longer to cook
  3. season with salt + pepper
  4. add in the rest of the ingredients + tomatoes as you see fit
  5. season with salt + pepper
  6. plate pasta + serve with sauce. put basil on top!

NB: These are just some very loose guidelines as this is very much a freestyle do-what-you-will dish! Hence no specific ingredient amounts given, as with the icebox cake below.


Icebox Cake [maple cream + ginger snaps edition]: the definition of smart, fast, and easy. Seriously. Thanks again to my incredible friend Ella B. for opening my eyes to even more of this world (life is only as difficult as you make it). What other cake do you not have to actually bake? (Okay fine so someone baked the cookies we're using, but you know...) I'll be honest and say I did not have super high expectations, but after the first bite I could've eaten this entire cake myself. But enough of my rambling, I'll get to the point and hopefully you can try t


  1. pretty much whatever cookies you like! We used one box of Trader Joe's delicious Ginger Snaps (with exactly three cookies left over)
  2. heavy cream
  3. a bit of maple syrup (or sugar or other sweetener)


  1. whip the heavy cream until it starts to form soft peaks
  2. add in a bit of maple syrup (or whatever you're using) until it forms stiff peaks
  3. put down a layer of cookies as you want your cake to look (We just used a regular round dinner plate and roughly arranged some ginger snaps in a circle. This is the base of the cake, try not to have too many spaces in between though also don't get too caught up in making it perfect! It's not supposed to be)
  4. put down a layer of the whipped cream
  5. continue layering as desired :) (Tip: Try arranging the cookies so they don't rest exactly one on top of each other, i.e. on the next layer put a cookie around where a "cookie gap" is in the layer below)
  6. put in the fridge and leave overnight/for a day! (if it's not in there long enough the cream won't soften the cookies enough to give the desired moist cake texture)

NB: The icebox cake is incredible in that 1. it is meant to be imperfect and have that awesome homemade feel and 2. it's customizable to your deepest and sweetest desires! Meaning whatever cookies and flavorful combinations you like, you can make! We had a field day coming up with possibilities...like this strawberry shortcake-esque version. Or how about some mocha chocolate?