Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

Brooklyn, New York | Brooklyn Bridge

Sunrise is undoubtedly the best time to walk down the Brooklyn Bridge. Typically packed with throngs of tourists, locals, runners and bikers alike, this is perhaps the only time to take a few snaps without a minimum of 50 strangers in your shot and a bike threatening to run you over.


We went on a sunny and warm winter morning. As luck would have it, it was about 50°F (10°C). That may not sound very cozy, but when winds can make it feel like 18°F (-8°C) on any given day, that makes all the difference in the world.


At the end of December sunrise is typically around 7:20 am - early, but definitely not impossibly so.

To be honest the sunrise wasn’t quite what I’d expected - no glowing sun in the distance, no pink and orange and purple. But, it was so beautiful seeing the buildings bathed in that warm gold sun and absolutely stunning and worth the hike.

Planning to head back to the bridge for some shots when the snow starts to stick!

Tip: Right before heading out in the morning, check that it is a sunny day. If it’s too cloudy there won’t be much to see by ways of the sunrise. Plan to arrive about 20-30 min before the actual time of sunrise.