There once was a curious Kat,

The Flower Thief_About_Kat_Kat in Taiwan 1.jpg

a little girl who wanted to never grow up
but soon discovered that sometimes, life happens and we do.

Grow up, that is.

The good news: it really isn't all that terrible.

So, who is she now?

Well, not so little anymore but still very curious. Interested in just about everything. Adores flowers. Wants to make beautiful things. Believes in sin and in goodness. Decidedly an occasional flower thief.

The Flower Thief is my way of documenting the process of growing up (from behind and in front of the lens) with the help of a decently-stocked wardrobe (ha) and many, many shoes. It is also my portfolio, a home for products of hours and hours of thought and labor; sheets and sheets of deliciously smooth (and way-too-expensive) Rives BFK; tubes and tubes of E6000 and emergency Epoxy; and bits and bites of laser-cut and sawed-up miscellanea.

In short, this is my attempt to share a few details from my corner of the world because life is beautiful in all the little ways.


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